Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Allenheads Inn

We have never earned a pint like we earned these ones. Exhausted.


Anonymous said...

These ones...grammatically incorrect,it should read, we earned these.As a teacher you shuol know thisbut allowing for obvious stresses on parts of your anatomy I shall forgive you.

Mr Hanley said...

Thank you for your understanding :) In this post I considered that correct grammar would require 'We have never earned pintS like we earned these'. I couldn't help but feel that this construction lost something in meaning, as 'earned pints' is not as punchy and does not scan as well as 'earned a pint'. Using the latter however clashed with 'like we earned THESE' so I added a 'ones' to restore some coordination with the singular form 'a pint'. An alternative would have been to say 'we have each never earned a pint like we earned each of these' - again making the sentence clumsy and losing meaning. I decided therefore to sacrifice precise grammar in favour of clarity and effect.

Anonymous said...

You deserve all the pints that a barrel can hold, and that's alot of pints.